Women’s Rankings published — young players dominate

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30 May 2022

The RFA is delighted to publish Women’s Rankings after completion of all of this season’s relevant Rugby Fives tournaments.

We have lost some names of significant players who have not been in action for 3 seasons, but there are now 71 players ranked in Singles, 72 in Doubles. Louise Mathias and Martha Nugent dominate at the top in both, but, in the Singles, between #3 and #16 there is considerable movement, with players from school and university making deserved progress.

The same applies to the Doubles where the top 30 players are now predominantly our best school players and those from university present and recent past. Frequent participation in tournaments is beginning to pay off, as can be seen in the rise of Camille Beattie, Holly Nugent, Helena Tunks, Savanna Leboff, Katie Innes, Holly Brown and Cecily Millar.

We await the results from the delayed Ladies’ Winchester Fives Singles and Doubles, which will feed into the end-of-season Rankings kindly compiled by Chris Burrows.

Please see below for the Top 20 in Singles and Doubles. The full rankings can be found at https://therfa.uk/rankings/ .