Latest Women’s Rankings in Rugby Fives


The Rugby Fives Association
16th February 2017

The RFA is delighted to publish the fourth set of rankings since the inception of Women’s Rankings in March 2016.

They show new Ladies National Singles Champion Tessa Mills having overtaken her regular Doubles partner Kathleen Briedenhann at the top after her success at St. Paul’s in January.

Maddy Raynor moves up to third after her silver medal in Singles and Doubles at the Ladies National Championships.

Cassi Henderson’s rise from 26th to 17th reflects the growing strength of Rugby Fives at Cambridge University.

Four new players from Rugby School and Staff enter the rankings for the first time.

The next set of Women’s Rankings will be published in April 2017 after the Ladies National Winchester Fives Championships in Singles and Doubles which will be played at Malvern College.

Ladies Rankings 17-02-2017