Old Paulines win the Wood Cup 2024

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St Paul’s School, Barnes
Saturday, 20th April 2024

The Old Paulines, first seeds and heavy favorites, duly retained the Wood Cup in a small but competitive field. Teams from the Executioners won their respectives play-off matches once the two round robins were completed.

Report to follow

Group A

Old Paulines bt Executioners 1 107-74; bt West of England 121-36
Executioners 1 bt West of England 121-29

Group B

Edward Alleyn Club bt Derby Moor 110-59; bt Executioners 2 120-29 
Derby Moor bt Executioners 2 113-66

Cup Final: Old Paulines bt Edward Alleyn Club 105-78

3rd/4th Place Match: Executioners 1 bt Derby Moor 90-41

5th/6th Plate Match: Executioners 2 bt West of England 49-38


Old Paulines: from Charlie Brooks, Theo Parker, Freddie Hammond Giles, Sam Roberts and Seb Ion
West of England: from Cameron Low, Rob Mason, Stephen Brooke, Angus Armour and Alex Hopkins
Executioners 1: from Penn Chai, Christian Blackaby, Terry McElvaney, Wyman Chan and Ben Hale
Executioners 2: from Toby Chan, Joe Garratt, Guy Davies, Shinan Zhang and Zara Elliot
Derby Moor: Lewis Keates, Anthony Goodwin, Richard Christie and Aaron Wheatley
Edward Alleyn Club: from Gwydion Wiseman, Tom Maconie, Inigo Ackland, Patrick Harrison, Ben Kirwan and Tim Hebblethwaite

The Old Paulines successfully defend the Cup

Two Executioner squads