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New Singles champion at the London Open

Alleyn’s School, Dulwich Saturday/Sunday, 7-8 October 2023 STOP PRESS Tom Watkinson scored his second Open Singles title after last month’s victory at the Yorkshire Open, beating defending champion Dan Tristao 11-9, 11-8 in the final of this year’s London Open Championships. Cameron Low won the Singles Plate at the expense of organiser Penn Chai. In […]

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Tom Watkinson scores a first-time double at the Yorkshire Open

Derby Moor Academy, Littleover Saturday/Sunday, 9-10 September 2023 STOP PRESS The tournament was conducted under conditions of extreme on-court heat and humidity, which inevitably affected the quality of play that competitors were able to produce. Nevertheless the event was completed as scheduled and our thanks go to all competitors, supporters and to organiser John Hawke. […]

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A double for Ed Kay at the South West Open

Blundell’s School, Tiverton Saturday/Sunday, 1-2 July  2023 STOP PRESS 10 pairs entered the Doubles, from which Ed Kay & Ollie Arnold emerged victorious for the 2nd time, beating Charlie Brooks & Will Ellison in the final. Cameron Low & Tom Watkinson won the Doubles Plate,  beating Anthony Goodwin & Bally Singh. In the Singles Ed […]

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End-of-Season Women’s Rankings published

Rugby Fives Association 3rd July 2023 The Rugby Fives Association is delighted to publish end-of-season Rankings for Women. There are 69 names in the Singles Rankings and 65 in the Doubles — they can be viewed in full here. Below are listed the top 20 in each category. They show little change in the top […]

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Victory for Louise Mathias & Ollie Arnold at the inaugural Open Mixed Doubles

Cambridge University Sports Centre Saturday, 17th June 2023 STOP PRESS Nine pairs contested the inaugural National Rugby Fives Mixed Doubles competition organised by Savanna Leboff and Helena Tunks on the courts of Cambridge University. In the main draw, arrived at after the initial two Pools had been played out, Louise Mathias & Ollie Arnold added […]